Falconer led projects


The Peregrine Fund




The Peregrine Fund is an organization run by falconers and created in the days of the Peregrine crisis. It is still very active on global level in many projects.

The California condor was extinct in the wild, but is now being released. The falconers and falconer-scientists of the P-fund monitor the population and threats like lead poisoning.They have studied, released and monitored the aplomado falcon in Central America.

Many species are bred in captive breeding facilities and systematically released to restore wild populations, including the aplomado falcon, bald eagle, bat falcon, California condor, harpy eagle, Madagascar fish eagle, Mauritius kestrel, orange-breasted falcon, prairie falcon.






The Polish Tree Nesting Peregrines



The German falconry club, DFO and the Polish Falcon Society are working with the last still endangered Peregrine population in Europe – the tree nesting one. The principle of imprinting on place of birth is used. Chicks are released by hacking from cages in trees, in 2012 the first tree-nest known in Poland for generations was found an peregrine chicks from trees were ringed first time after 48 years!




Sage Grouse


The North American Grouse Partnership (NAGP) is the only conservation organization that advocates for all 12 North American grouse species and their habitats.


Our strength is found in three key areas - Science, Policy, and Management. This is demonstrated by the experience and expertise of our Board of Directors and Council of Scientists and is unparalleled in grouse conservation circles.


Our goal is to ensure that grouse conservation is guided by science, public policies are beneficial to grouse and that on-the-ground management of lands lead to positive outcomes.


The North American Grouse Partnership




Snipe Conservation Alliance


The Snipe Conservation Alliance is a network of enthusiasts (both scientists and non-scientists) interested in the study, monitoring, management and conservation of snipe species in Ireland, focussed on the common snipe and jack snipe.


The ambition of the group is to provide a resource to help us better understand the ecology of our snipe species, to determine breeding and wintering populations and ultimately to ensure their conservation.


Snipe Conservation Alliance


"We believe the interests of snipe are best served by those prepared to undertake the necessary work of habitat management. This is a partnership process, and objectives will only be achieved through engagement with government departments, local communities and landowners who wish to see snipe remain on our upland and lowland bogs and wetlands."








There is awareness that vultures are the most threatened group of raptors and that they face serious challenges in South-East Asia, Africa and, probably, in Europe. The involvement of the IAF in vulture issues is controversial. There is a link with electrocution risk and various falconers and falconry groups around the world are involved with their conservation. IAF is supporting the involvement of Pakistani falconers in the area of vulture conservation.


Although vultures are frequently not included in birds of prey discussions, the IAF is still anxious to play a supportive role in vulture conservation through lobbying and education. IAF is also deeply concerned about the continued availability and use of Diclofenac in the EU and around the world. IAF has campaigned with MEPs to lobby the European Parliament in order to have it banned within the EU, where it still affects vultures in France, Spain and Italy.


IAF has also issued a statement on Diclofenac


We are making contact with organizations concerned with raptor conservation and concerned about the plight of vultures.




Project Lugger


"The aims of the Project are exceedingly simple in their aim and extremely difficult in their execution. We want to halt the decline of the species and where possible, only when circumstances permit, help with species management."


Project Lugger is primarily based in the UK, where a number of bird of prey centres work with and fly Lugger Falcons, raising awareness and vital funds with the visiting public, as well as facilitating many of the breeding pairs within the project. In 2021 new connections are being made with partners in Europe and further afield, for research, education and active conservation in the areas where Lugger Falcons are most under threat.


Project Lugger




Raptor Research Foundation


"The Raptor Research Foundation (RRF) is the world’s largest professional society for raptor researchers and conservationists. Founded in 1966 as a non-profit organization, our primary goal is the accumulation and dissemination of scientific information about raptors. The Foundation organizes annual scientific conferences and provides competitive grants & awards for student researchers & conservationists. The Foundation also provides support & networking opportunities for students & early career raptor researchers."



Raptor Research Foundation